way to protect your skin
way to protect your skin

A simple way to protect your skin from damage to make-up

Many ladies use cosmetics on a daily basis to get a distinctive and attractive look or to hide some skin blemishes. But cosmetics contain a percentage of the chemicals that are deposited into the pores of the skin and cause some skin problems or damage in the long term. So we will present in the article some household masks that help clean the skin and enhance its ability to resist chemical damage.


Is the outer layer of the skin, which contains a large number of cells, consisting of five layers are: basal layer, thorny layer, granular layer, transparent layer, corneal layer, and because the beauty of the skin title beauty of the female is striving to increase its beauty and maintain The skin is sometimes exposed to some external factors that affect them and reduce the luster, as well as bad diet negatively affects the skin, while eating foods with valuable benefits give the body health and increase the beauty of beauty. 
This is why everyone practices his daily routine according to his skin type. But there are many dangerous things you may do every day in your skin care routine that may be more harmful to your skin. Check with us on this list, which includes the top seven amazing things that really hurt your skin.

Damage to make-up on the skin

  • There are always voices about the need to wash the face and clean the effects of make-up before going to sleep, so the seriousness of sleep without the work of this step, caused by laziness or sleepiness.
  • One of the most important risks of sleep makeup, causing the filling of pores of the skin and the accumulation of dirt and makeup particles in them, resulting in the appearance of pimples on the face.
  • Prevents skin from breathing, prevents it from regenerating damaged cells, as cell renewal usually occurs at night, and sleep with makeup reduces the efficiency of the skin in its ability to regenerate its cells.
  • It causes skin fatigue, fatigue, and dull appearance.
  • This causes the skin to break down the skin’s natural collagen, which reduces the elasticity of the skin and causes fine lines and wrinkles to appear on the skin.
  • The appearance of blackheads on the skin causes the  “tress”.
  • Leaves lipstick on the skin in flaking lips.
  • The skin loses its natural moisture and causes dryness, loses its youthful appearance and accelerates its aging, which causes its appearance to appear very bad.
  • This causes the accumulation of bacteria on the lashes, the appearance of whiteheads, small pimples, and small drowsiness on the eyelid, or what is known as the eye shiver.

Tips to protect the skin from damaged foundation cream

Hydration multiplier

The foundation cream often causes severe dehydration, so we invite you to apply two coats of moisturizing cream before applying it. We also emphasize the need to choose a nutrient-rich product.

Use the proper foundation cream for the skin

The mismatch of the base cream with the skin type is often a direct cause of the pimples and blackheads, so do not misuse this side.

 Minimize its use 

Be careful to avoid daily use of foundation cream, and only apply it on special occasions. On normal days, you can count on the Counselor or the BB Cream.

Apply a small amount of it

When using cream foundation, always apply a small amount of it, focusing on places that are burdensome or infected with some impurities, the concentration of a dense layer of it greatly affects the skin and cause it much trouble.

Honey and cinnamon mask

the ingredients

A tablespoon of honey,

ملعقة teaspoon of crushed cinnamon,

ملعقة tablespoon nutmeg.

How to prepare

Mix well with honey and add nutmeg powder and heart again.

Spread the mixture on clean skin for 20 minutes, gently massage in a circular shape and then rinse with cold water.

Pineapple and lemon mask

the ingredients

2 tablespoons fresh pineapple fruit,

Two teaspoons of lemon juice

And a small spoon of baking soda.

How to prepare

Mix the pineapple with the soda and lemon juice and gently until you get a solid paste,

Apply on skin for 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with cold water.


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