enlarge the lips with natural ingredients
enlarge the lips with natural ingredients

Amazing mixes to enlarge the lips with natural ingredients

Beauty standards change from one age to the next, but some remain firm and stable throughout the ages. One of the most important signs that have passed through time for women is the full lips. Since then, the lady with the full lips has been more attractive and more feminine. In this time, women have been involved in the injection of chemicals in the lips, such as silicon, Botox, Feller and other substances that will inflate the lips and increase size, but such injections need to be renewed from time to time, and it deforms the landscape of the lips and give it an exaggerated outburst Natural and home remedies can give your lips a healthy and beautiful look

Enlarged lips

Many women would like to have a beautiful look, a striking look, and admiration. Among the things that increase their interest are the fullness of full lips, just like film and television actresses, some of whom may use plastic surgery and injections as the best highways. Sometimes have several disadvantages and damages, and women can use one of the household materials available in the kitchen in the process of blowing the lips,

The best way to enlarge lips naturally

There are many home-based methods that help women to get large, full lips by using one of the following methods:

  • Yeast, Vaseline and Dry Milk powder

A teaspoon of yeast, vaseline and milk powder is mixed together. In the evening and before going to bed we mix the mixture on the lips and can be repeated daily and regularly to get the best and fastest result.

  • Method of water and sugar

We mix a suitable amount of sugar and water, and then the lips and Ndlkha lips, and is put once a week.

  • Cinnamon and Vaseline

We mix the cinnamon with Vaseline and leave it to rest for five minutes, and for good results, this method is repeated regularly.

  • Peppermint oil

For an amazing and quick result, peppermint oil is mixed with Vaseline, and the lips are flavored with cuffs.

  • Aloe vera gel

Apply cactus gel on the lips for twenty minutes, and then wash with water, which works to give the lips moisture and coolness and shape larger.

  • Glycerin and rose water

Rose water is one of the best cosmetic products that are preferred by many stars and those interested in skin care and beauty. The glycerin is mixed with rose water and placed on the lips in the evening, to be washed the next morning.

  • Lemonade

We massage the lips with lemon juice, which helps remove the dead skin and the dirt and oils sticking to it, and leave it to dry, and then wash with cold water.

  • Olive oil and honey

Flatten the lips with a mixture of honey and olive oil and leave it on, and wash it in the morning.

  • Cassette method

This manual method is a simple means that benefit the inflating lips and enlarging, which works on the suction lips and expelled somewhat violent, but it achieves the goal of getting the lips swollen full and full view

Natural recipes for full lips

  •  Permanent peeling

Are advised to peel the lips regularly, which helps to get rid of dead skin cells and impurities lingering skin, also helps peels to get lips soft and colored pink attractive cool, ie, it is an excellent recipe for women lips dark, working peeling on Lip augmentation significantly By improving the flow of blood well in the lips and lightening them,

Peeling lips Here are some simple ways

  •  Mix the powdered sugar with water, add two or three drops of lemon juice, and then rub the paste on your lips gently, helping the peeler to lighten the lips and give it a beautiful pink color.
  •  There is another way to work peeled lips, through the use of a toothbrush and put it in a cup of warm water, then wringing the lips using the brush gently and you can add sugar or petroleum jelly or honey to the brush, you must make sure that the toothbrush with soft bristles so as not to cause injury lips .

 Lip exercises 

Exercise is important for getting bigger, more beautiful lips. There are some exercises to help. You can do the following exercise by pressing the lips and then letting go again while continuing this exercise for a month. It is a dress and then smile and repeat the steps for five continuous minutes.

 Lip moisturizing 

Work of natural moisturizer of ingredients available in your home:

Put honey on your lips for 20 minutes, then wash it and note the wonderful results.

 olive oil 

Olive oil moisturizes the lips and makes them smoother and smoother, containing vitamin E.

 Cream milk

Milk helps moisturize dry, dry lips

 Massage the lips

It is recommended to massage the lips regularly, as it helps to enlarge the lips and also solve the problem of cracking lips, massage your lips using one of your favorite oils and olive oil, then put on your lips and start gently massage the lips for five minutes, and after the massage, leave the oil on Your lips even suck your lips.

Damage and risk of lip augmentation

  • Surgery and injections that use collagen to enlarge the lips cause tissue and skin damage and slackness.
  • The use of glasses or glass results in scars and deformities in the lips, in order to retain blood and turn it blue.
  • The process of inflating the upper lip to cause down, affecting the aesthetic appearance and appearance, as this decline works to cover the teeth, and not appear as normal.


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