what is allowed in the engagement period
what is allowed in the engagement period

Beware of the engagement period, what is allowed in the engagement period

Engagement is a very important period in the construction of the marital relationship; through which one learns aspects of the personality of the other party, missing some of the hijackers about the real roles played by the engagement period in bringing them closer, and identify them, and reduce the gap of disagreement, a legitimate opportunity to study the personality of each party and choose The extent of his satisfaction to the other, and at that stage may seek to each party, to show what is not.

Beware of the engagement period

  1. He may be interested in appearing as a cultured young man with a predominant logic and rebellious principles on the prevailing and distinct from the familiar.
  2. He is the champion of women in their rights and more. He is more equal to equality than the most ambitious women aspire to.
  3. She may be interested in appearing as an aristocratic girl with an authentic elegance and keenness to eat with fork and knife and insist on the rituals of Prestige, etc.
  4. Some experts call the period of engagement and the period of manufacturing and beauty with the first months of marriage.
  5. But the marital problems begin in conjunction with the exit of each party of cocoon synthesis that put itself in them.
  6. Experts say the couple may need two to five years to show each other.
  7. Do not be satisfied, the fabrication does not last. When the facts unfold, the results will not be good for both of you
  8. Then marital problems may not disappear, but they break out for other reasons unrelated to the collision between the apparent and the inward in the personality of one or both.
  9. Marriage is one of the most difficult relationships, which is the only one that is only valid if the parties act on their behalf.
  10. The slogan here is “Be You” .. Spontaneously acted from the start. Let the other party see you in your nature.


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