smell of the feet permanently
smell of the feet permanently

How to get rid of the smell of the feet permanently

The smell of the foot or feet bad breath can be really embarrassing for those who suffer from this problem. This usually happens when your feet sweat and sweat does not evaporate because you’re wearing shoes or socks. Bacteria that are naturally present on the skin grow because they feed on sweat and dead skin cells, and produce a foul odor. Many natural remedies are worth experimenting to get rid of the unpleasant foot odor.

Causes of foot odor

The stinking smell that may appear to the feet of the widespread problems that cause many of the inconvenience and embarrassment, and is not the reason for the emergence of the matter of the feet themselves, but wearing one foot, the stench of feet is due to lack of ventilation, as each foot contains More than 250 000 ethnic glands produce the equivalent of one per day of sweat, a large amount that causes a large foot moisturization to be covered and produces stinking odors of the feet when the sweat does not evaporate. However, the same race is not the reason for the stinking smell. Which live in the skin and thrive Race is the main cause because it produces the isovaleric acid that causes the smell.

Causes of sweating feet

The feet contain more sweat glands than anywhere else in the body.

Anyone can sweat ahead, regardless of the heat of his body. But pregnant women and adolescents are most vulnerable because of the hormonal changes that occur and lead to increased sweating rates.

As feet sweating increases in cases standing for long periods, and when the incidence of psychological distress and sweating. Certain illnesses, such as the athlete’s foot, can cause foul odors from the feet. Bad odors are emitted from the feet if they wear off while wearing shoes, and the shoe does not dry before wearing them again.

The bacteria on the skin of the feet disassemble the sweat as it emerges from the pores, and then emit a smell like the smell of cheese from the feet.

The feet are sweating in the shoe all day, becoming wet, and germs begin to grow.

As soon as the person takes off the shoe, the germs continue to multiply, especially when placed in a dark closet. When the shoes are worn again, the two feet (if washed) provide warmth, darkness, and moisture to the shoe environment, making it ideal for growing and multiplying germs.

Treat foot odor

Keeping socks and shoes clean
Keeping shoes and socks clean is the easiest way to keep the foot odor problem in the gulf. Wash socks regularly as well as do the same with shoes that are made of cloth. For leather shoes, you can keep them in the sun for a while. Sprinkling some baking soda inside the shoes will help remove the foul smell of the shoes.

Tea bags and water
If the problem becomes acute foot odor, use hot water and tea treatment bag to get rid of it. Take a basin of warm water and put some tea bags in it. Then soak the feet inside the tub and leave for half an hour.

Anti-Bacterial Soaps
The best way to eliminate foot odor is to clean the feet with antibacterial soap and warm water on a regular basis at least twice a day. This will depend on bacteria that create a bad smell.

Ways to get rid of bad foot odor 

Old ventilation

These fungi grow as a result of old ventilation and stay in the shoe for a long time, fungus in the dark wet places, so air your feet whenever you are allowed to wear open shoes to avoid the incidence of annoying fungi.

Buy shoes

Shopping times are the favorite times for many women. Shop for new shoes by wearing cotton stockings before measuring any shoes you like so you can avoid the fungus. The socks are an insulator that protects the feet from fungus transmission.

cutting nails

Nail care prevents the presence of fungus in the feet to expose the entire skin of the foot to the air in the case of taking off the shoe. It will also make it easier to clean the skin of your feet completely and kill fungi if any.

Preventative medical preparations

Use a specialist doctor to guide you to a medical cream or a powder that will help prevent the formation of fungi and eliminate them if they exist to evaluate using these preparations before wearing shoes and protect your feet.

Cotton socks

These cotton socks are able to absorb the sweat produced by the feet as well as to protect the feet from the transmission of fungi, unlike the other types of socks.

Dry feet

Always keep your feet dry and do not expose them to water or moisture without drying them to protect them from fungus transmission.

Mint cream and rose oil for smart-smelling feet

1/4 cup solid cream 
10 drops lemon juice 
1/8 cup olive oil or baby oil 
10 drops rosemary oil 
10 drops of mint 
Pot suitable for the large-hole size and cover 
– Mix solid with oil, mint, and lemon, and mix ingredients together.

– Put ingredients in a bowl and cover tightly.

– Put some of the mixtures on the feet and gently massage in a circular motion to get a good result.

– Cover the feet with cotton socks and repeat the process daily before bedtime

Tips to prevent the smell of feet

• Wipe your toes with wool or cotton, immersed in the antiseptic after shower or bath – helps keep the skin dry between the toes well – in addition to drying it with a towel. 
• Use a deodorant or anti-perspiration spray on your feet – an underarm depressor or anti-sweat action as a natural food product and will cost you less 
• Spray the sweat remover inside your shoes. 
• Try wearing new socks – some sports socks have ventilation bodies to keep the feet dry, and antibacterial socks with chemicals to discourage odor-producing bacteria that feed on sweat 
• Wear leather or cloth shoes, they also allow your feet to breathe, unlike plastic 
• Wear sandals Open in front of the summer and walk barefoot at home in the evening.


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