Yoga For Seniors
Yoga For Seniors

Yoga For Seniors. Easy To Do At Home

Many seniors choose to exercise with yoga. Because it is a relatively safe activity With low impact force Thereby enhancing strength and maintaining flexibility to the body as well Also useless equipment and can be done anywhere, anytime as well But what kind of yoga is suitable for older people? A study from this article

How to play yoga for the elderly?

Although practicing yoga is an activity that is suitable for the general public. But older people may benefit from yoga more than other people, because when people are older, both hemispheres will work equally Which makes the elderly have good overall awareness Able to harmonize the body and mind to become one with more efficiency than those who are young at yoga And in addition to regular yoga practice, it helps to better cope with stress, pain, and fatigue. Also good for lubrication according to the joints bones Body balance Including good for those who may face health problems that occur with age, such as menopausal symptoms  Or arthritis, etc.

Yoga postures for seniors

The following is a yoga practice that is suitable for older people. Which can be easily trained and beneficial to health

  • Tree posture begins with standing straight. The feet close together, the palms of the two hands clenched together and stretch the arms up over the head. With the toe still touching the ground And moved the right heel to touch the left ankle Hold for 20-30 seconds, then switch to another foot. If well balanced Can move the toe up to the calf or knee area as well This position will help the elderly to balance better. Which may help prevent accidents from falls
  • The warrior position starts from standing in the arms attached to the body. Open your legs slightly so that both feet are aligned with the hips. Turn the upper body to the right. Step right foot forward for about 1 step and turn the right foot to the front to make a right angle to the left foot. Then inhale and lift both arms up to the shoulder level While exhaling, bend the right knee with the right thigh parallel to the floor and the left leg straight Hold for about 30 seconds and then switch sides This posture will be good for bone density. Helps to stretch the inside of the thighs, groin, hips and helps the legs become stronger.
  • Puppy posture using hands and knees to lean on the floor With the wrist aligned with the shoulder The knees are aligned with the hips. And the body parallel to the ground Can use a pillow or a towel under the knee Then use the hand to move forward, keeping the chest close to the floor as much as possible. With the thigh still in line with the hips and knees Face down with the forehead, palms and arms attached to the ground, hold and breathe deeply for about 20-30 seconds and slowly return to the starting position
  • The Si Quat is second Begin by standing, legs open a little, keeping the feet in line with the hips, lifting the arms up and forward to the same level as the shoulders, then slowly kneeling down like a chair For beginners who can use the chair on the bottom But should not really sit down and then use the left hand to touch the right hand Rotate slightly to the right and bring your arms back to the center, standing up, doing both alternating sides for 10-15 times, can put sandbags on your wrists or hold dumbbells to increase difficulty have
  • Hamstring stretch Sit back straight on the chair, where one side of the foot is flat on the floor. Set the legs straight under the knee in a right angle. Then stretch the other leg to the front Slightly raise the toes, let the heel touch the ground and hold it for about 30-60 seconds and alternate with the other leg. This position can be leaned forward and reaching to the toe as well.
  • The twisting posture starts from sitting back straight on the chair. Inhale with arms extended Then rotate the body to the right and slightly shut the arm down and breathe out With the left arm on the side of the body and the right arm leaning on the backrest Use your eyes to look over your shoulders right away. Breathe in and out about 5 times, back to the beginning. And then switch to the other side. The elderly who do this should not twist the body too much. Because it can cause injury
  • Hands crossed back To sit back straight on the chair Inhale and spread the arms out of the body, upside down, palms down, then cross both hands on the back and exhale, letting fingers together. Or may use one hand to hold the other hand, hold the wrist or hold it deep into the elbow According to the ability of each trainer as well And breathe deeply in about 5 times before returning to the starting position and switching to the other side

Things to know for the elderly before playing yoga

Elderly who want to practice yoga should choose to wear clothes that are easy to move and suitable for exercise,  which may require additional equipment such as yoga mats or yoga blocks, etc. For seniors who want to practice yoga at home Needing someone to look after on the side for safety while practicing Or may enter the class with a trainer to provide correct advice as well Also, the elderly who are interested in yoga should consult a doctor about the readiness of the body. Especially the elderly with congenital diseases Like arthritis, diabetes including heart disease And if found abnormal during yoga practice, such as dizziness, dizziness Or have symptoms of palpitations, etc. should stop and sit and rest for a moment And report the symptoms to the trainer or caregiver


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